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On each episode photographer Michelle Calloway interviews today's leading artists & creatives about their lives, process & passions. Get ready to be inspired! We sit down in their studios to discuss their journey through the creative life.

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Expect real one-one conversations where Michelle dives into the creative process. On this podcast Michelle hopes to highlight the hurdles and triumphs that it takes to make a mark as a leading creative in today’s art world. Episodes can be found on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud & Youtube.

I'm a Midwestern girl who followed her dreams to Los Angeles. I'm obsessed with film photography & indie fashion magazines. 

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"“Artists overthink things, social media is not that hard and it’s not that deep. Use it to your advantage.” -Aidee

what makes the difference?

“With being an artist it’s all about doing something different that no one has done before.” -Nico

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"I love hearing the real process of other artists. I keeps me inspired!"

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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

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